Monday, 13 March 2017

Beauty And The Beast Premiere

DRESS: Sass & Bide  |  SHOES: Mimco  |  EARRINGS: Mimco (similar HERE and HERE)

I was BEYOND excited for the premiere of Beauty and the Beast, given that the original is my favourite Disney film. It was therefore always going to be difficult for the new version to live up to my impossibly high expectations. While I did love the film, there were certain things that bugged me. For example, Gaston's iconic chair was nowhere to be seen! Disney is well aware of the chair's importance (here is a photo of me delightedly sitting upon it at Walt Disney World in Florida), so I'm not sure why it was omitted, but every director has their vision. I of course still highly recommend seeing Beauty and the Beast, and am excitedly awaiting the swathe of live action Disney movies in pre-production, now that it's become clear that the whole "dark and gritty" angle wasn't really what audiences wanted in a beloved fairtytale film. Bring on the aesthetically-pleasing romantic fantasies ft. pretty dresses, stat!

April xx

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Flare Tactic

SHIRT: Maurie & Eve (also HERE and HERE)  |  JEANS: Boohoo (similar HERE)

It has recently come to my attention that boys hate flares. This doesn't really bother a man repeller such as myself (I haven't touched a padded bra for at least eight years - less boob means a cleaner line, you know?), but I am bothered by the fact that I seemingly only have one pair of shoes that work with them, which is a pair that I've been wanting to give away for ages and that also aren't really even visible when I wear the flares, but somehow are the only pair that work with them? Ugh, why is everything so hard. 

April xx

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Dramatic Sleeve Problems

TOP: Rodeo Show (similar HERE and HERE)  |  JEANS: vintage Levi's (similar HERE and HERE)

I mean, you just know these sleeves are going straight in some soy sauce. Worth it!

April xx

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Black Pearl

DRESS: Talulah

Hello, dears! Excuse the dated language; this pearl trim got me feelin' all 1950s. I actually own three sets of real freshwater pearls - white princess length, black princess length and pink rope length - but I really struggle to wear them without feeling like a Stepford wife (THIS is the only time I can recall wearing any of them). How do you sweet peaches wear your pearls? I'd love to hear your hot tips in the Comments!

April xx