Sunday, 13 May 2018

InStyle Women of Style Awards 2018

Photo by Wendell Teodoro 

Photo by Wendell Teodoro

DRESS: Rachel Gilbert  |  EARRINGS: Matthew Ely
BRACELET: Matthew Ely  |  RING: Matthew Ely

It involved a morning of filming, a mad dash to the airport, a flight home to Sydney, a rushed hair and make-up job, 4 hours of sleep, and a 7am flight to Melbourne to get back to set for morning scenes... But I managed to make it work! That's right, the Neighbours bosses allowed me out of the cage for one whole afternoon, so that I may fly home and maintain my perfect record of InStyle Women of Style Awards attendance. As always, it was a beautiful evening and I was overjoyed to be home in Sydney, even if only for a few hours. 

April xx

Monday, 7 May 2018

9 Years of the InStyle Women of Style Awards

The InStyle Women of Style Awards event is my absolute favourite. It's always the dressiest event of the year (I love a clear dress code), honours a group of spectacular women, and has the best goodie bag! This year marks the 10th anniversary of the event and, as an obsessive compulsive completist, I am proud to say that I have attended every single one. So, in the lead-up to the 2018 Awards, I thought I would take a look back at the previous nine!

The inaugural awards, in 2009. I cannot for the life of me remember the designer of this dress!

2010, wearing Rachel Gilbert

2011, in Rachel Gilbert

2012. Toni Maticevski dress, Jimmy Choo shoes and Mimco clutch

2013, wearing Manning Cartell, with freshwater pearls bought in London, 
Jimmy Choo shoes and Mulberry handbag (it's one of only sixteen in the world!)

2014, in a Kate Sylvester jumpsuit

2015, wearing Aje

2016, wearing Steven Khalil and Matthew Ely jewellery

2017, in Rachel Gilbert and Matthew Ely jewellery

April xx

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival

COAT (WORN AS DRESS): Viktoria & Woods

It's #VAMFF time again! This week, I stepped out in Viktoria & Woods to support two of my great loves: Australia's leading department store, David Jones - for which I was an ambassador - and the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival - of which I was the Face! While I was mildly panicking at the wardrobe malfunction potential of the outfit I hurriedly selected (full disclosure: I ended up wearing pajama shorts underneath!), I had a great time being reminded of all the fly lewks that are currently available at David Jones. I've been working so hard that I've barely had time to shop! 

April xx

Friday, 2 March 2018


SHOES: Alias Mae

So... I have a major announcement for you guys. It has been in the works since August 2017, but I have been contractually obligated to keep my cake hole shut until now. Without further ado, I am very excited to finally reveal that...

I'm going to be on Neighbours!

For those who don't know (or do not live in one of the 57 countries in which the show airs), Neighbours is an Australian television series. In fact, it is Australia's longest-running drama series, and the seventh longest-running serial drama on the air in the world. So joining the show is kind of a big deal!
Even so, I have struggled with it all a little bit. When I was offered the role in August, I was a mere three weeks away from going to L.A. to work - a dream I have had and have been working toward for six years (in fact, I posted about it HERE just one day before receiving the call about Neighbours). Not only did this mean setting aside everything I wanted and had dreamed of and planned for and worked toward for so long, it has also meant the huge life change of finding a place and living part-time in another state, where I barely know anyone. Basically, it was a big curveball and has been somewhat of an adjustment. But I've been shooting for about ten weeks and am finally starting to get the hang of things and settle in. The writing is great, my character was practically made for me, and the cast and crew have all been really welcoming and understanding. Coming into an established, world-famous show is very daunting, and I only I hope that I live up to the expectations of its enormous fan base!
Now that I don't have to keep so many secrets, I'll be able to post here more regularly once more and even give you all some little show insights and behind-the-scenes secrets! For now, you can find some details about the role and my introduction to the show HERE and HERE. And if you live in one of those lucky 57 countries, you can watch me on Neighbours from March 27th!

April xx