Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cute Winter looks

When I have time, I peruse many different style blogs from all over the world and, at present, the one thing that most of my favourites have in common is this: they are all showing Summer fashion. Meanwhile, down here in Australia, it is our definition of freezing cold (which, if I'm honest, is nowhere near as cold as many other places inhabited by humans, eg. cities in which it snows. Also, how? HOW do you function there?!).
Australian Winter should not be so bad comparatively, but the thing that makes it unbearable is the fact that our fair country is simply not equipped for cooler weather. In England, houses are peppered with strange, clunky, heat-creating apparatus. Most of our houses are designed to let breezes flow through during heat waves. Super-warm coats and jackets are also hard to come by here; I suppose it's hard for people to justify spending upwards of $300 on something that they'll only wear for one or two months of the year. 
So, for my lovely Australian readers,  I have compiled some of my favourite Winter looks to help get you through these tough times.
And to those readers presently enjoying sun on skin and sweaty upper lips, I promise to post some of my favourite Summer looks soon. After all, it can't hurt to remind myself that there is light at the end of the chilly tunnel.

{via Stockholm Street Style}

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