Friday, 3 June 2011

Winter blues

Coat: Cooper St
Sweater: Vintage
Jeans: Bettina Liano
Shoes: Converse
Handbag: Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses: AM Eyewear

I do not consider Autumn - that's Fall, to our American cousins - or Spring to be seasons. They are nothing more than transition periods and I have no time for them. For me, it is either Winter (freezing and hideous) or Summer (unbearably hot but clearly the better option). However, I am still at odds with which of the two seasons I prefer fashion-wise. There is, of course, more that can be done with a wardrobe in Winter, what with dresses paired with tights and boots, jeans with Converse, leggings with classic shirts (my personal favourite) and so on. My major issue with Winter dressing is this: what does one wear with jeans? When I ask this question publicly, I am always met with confused, fiery responses, the most annoying of which is, "EVERYTHING!" Well, appalled person of non-specific identity, I beg to differ. Jeans are uncomfortable, constricting and prone to giving wedgies when one sits down but, contrarily, revealing vast amounts of butt-crack when one bends over or climbs stairs. Worst of all, the desired smooth body contour is virtually impossible; add any fitted T-shirt, singlet or sweater and your figure is made lumpy and bumpy by all of those bulky belt loops and buttons. Talk about unflattering. I believe that this explains the surprising popularity of jeggings. They look like jeans, but still create the sleek line of leggings (Note: I do not condone the wearing of jeggings).
Perhaps I just need more mid- and high-rise jeans...

April xx

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  1. oh hallelujah someone else who agrees with me on the annoyingness of jeans. personally i try to not wear them unless i absolutely must, as i find them incredibly uncomfortable & like you never have a right top to wear with them! its tights, or skirts with stockings for me!x