Monday, 31 October 2011


Every year I put off planning a costume until October, so I can dress as something super topical and hilarious. And every year, for some reason, nothing happens in October that is costume-worthy. 
So, with Halloween parties less than a week away, Tim and I began frantically discussing our dress-up options. Now, it is oft noticed that my wonderful boyfriend is the spitting image of Justin Bieber. Last week, he finally acknowledged this. The hilarious idea of him and I dressing as Biebs and Selena Gomez (respectively, of course) was born. 
When the ghoulish night came upon us, I was busy trying to make my big Aussie eyes seem smaller and more Selena-esque, sweating beneath my wig and constantly re-applying lip gloss like a seasoned Disney tween actress, but Tim was perfection. He received many a compliment and even a few excited screams from girls clearly suffering Bieber Fever. Check us out below...

Tim as Justin Bieber

Me as Selena Gomez and Tim as Justin Bieber. Those fingers above Tim's shoulder actually belong to a photo on the wall, but we selected a pretty appropriate place to stand, no?

Me with Ashley, who was dressed as Indiana Jones (sans hat and skipping rope/whip by this point in the night). You can check out his blog here:

Happy Halloween, y'all!

April xx

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  1. Wow, I actually thought that was Bieber! What the heck!? Superb idea! x