Tuesday, 25 October 2011


I've decided that each week I will try to share a particularly awesome song with you all, for being such lovely and kind readers! They may be new songs, old songs, rock songs, or hectic ghetto booty bass tracks (okay, it's pretty likely that most of them will fall into that last category), but I hope that you will enjoy them all as much as I do.
First up is a track from one of my favourite bands, Linkin Park. If you've heard of them, you're probably also aware of one of their most famous singles, 'In The End' from the album Hybrid Theory. Following this release, the band returned to the studio along with a number of producers and other artists to strip down and rebuild all of the Hybrid Theory tracks and several demos that hadn't originally made the cut. The resulting album, 2002's Reanimation, is a fantastic mash-up of musical styles, a glimpse into how a song is constructed into a finished product and how easily it could have become something entirely different. 
The song below is the re-imagined version of 'In The End', entitled 'Enth E Nd', featuring Kutmasta Kurt and Motion Man. I actually never even knew it had an accompanying video until I looked it up just now! Perhaps they only released it in the US or the UK or something... Clearly, I've done my research. 

April xx

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