Tuesday, 15 November 2011


For this week's edition of Tunesday, I give you the first taste of Tim's new side project, entitled Colour Coding (obviously winning myself several girlfriend brownie points in the process). They recently recorded their debut EP in Sydney's new Hurley Studios and last week, released their first track on the interwebs for free download (it is also available to buy on iTunes if you'd like to be a good samaritan!).
Colour Coding consists of my boy, Tim Commandeur, and his cousin/Operator Please bandmate Chris Holland. Together, they have a fresh, relaxed pop vibe that is perfect for Summer, or at least the deliciously scorching Spring that Australia is currently experiencing.
Without further flimflammery, I give you the track 'Perfect'!

For more info, click on some of these bad boys:

April xx

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