Thursday, 29 December 2011


As an Atheist, I suppose I am guilty of wanting to have my cake and eat it too, as I simply cannot deny myself the joys of Christmas (really, who wants to have cake that they aren't allowed to eat anyway?).
The decorations, food, presents, family, friends and general spirit of celebration are the finest way to unwind at the end of each year. Yes, I am a vegetarian, so turkey and ham are out, but Sanitarium make this truly delish vegie roast thingy that I deny myself all year, in order to keep it as my special Christmas meal (#nerd). But I digress. 
Christmas dinner photos!

My baby, Pixie, AKA Kitty (she looks and behaves like a cat)

Baby Lily. Five years old, but still acting like a baby.

Earrings: Colette
Dress: Laurence Pasquier

Timmy with my mum's partner's daughter, Jess

My maternal grandmother, Rae

My mummy (right) with her partner's daughter, Marissa

I think I was reacting to someone having been pooped on by a bird when this photo was taken.

My quinoa salad: cooked/cooled quinoa, baby spinach leaves, parsley leaves, rocket, raisins, raw almonds, finely chopped preserved lemons, lemon juice and a little dash of olive oil. So yummy!

Ham, garden salad, turkey, pesto potatoes, prawns, potato salad, candied yams and quinoa salad

Settling in to play Mum's new game, Logo. Team April + Layne won!

My face is so odd in this photo that I could not resist posting it. Cracks me up every time.

April xx

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