Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Christmas is officially over. Did you all have a lovely time? I hope so! We now plough on toward New Year celebrations and 2012 itself. 12 is one of my favourite/lucky numbers, so here's hoping that it is a good one.
Today, as I was making plans for the 31st, I began reminiscing about my last New Year's Eve experience on Australia's Phillip Island, at Pyramid Rock Festival. My BF's band, Operator Please, played one of the best shows I've been present for to a huge, enthusiastic crowd, after which we proceeded to polish off the rider, while Tinie Tempah's performance rattled the demountable dressing room windows (I rather regret not watching him now, but when there is a finite amount of alcohol in a couple of tubs of ice, it becomes something of a consumption race). We spent the remainder of the night running between the mosh pit in front of the main stage (where the best bands were playing) and the  backstage area (where there were still a couple of warm drinks bobbing about in melted ice). Unbeknownst to me, Mystery Jets had begun their set and, once someone alerted me to this fact, I tore through the dark, grassy field to the entrance to the main area, only to be told by security, once again, that I could not take a glass bottle through. As I hastily finished my drink and dashed into the crowd, the band were playing this song, 'After Dark', and it always transports me back to that wonderful night full of dancing and laughter - a rare, perfect, New Year's Eve.
Okay, nostalgic moment over now. This is a rad song and I highly recommend playing it during a workout - it's particularly uplifting if you are running!
Oh, and I promise to post my Christmas photos soon. Later, 'gators!

April xx

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