Saturday, 18 February 2012

New arrival

Here I am, making out with my new Mimco bag. It is sooo pretty. I will have to post a close-up photo soon as I really didn't do the finer details justice in these ones! I'm wearing some new sandals here too, but they are a bit of a fail. My Twitter followers may recall my desperate pleas for simple, black sandal recommendations and these are a pair that I eventually unearthed at ZOMP Shoes. They have those stiff, inflexible soles that feel like pieces of wood, they are surprisingly difficult to buckle/unbuckle and the backs (not pictured) leave my heels blackened. But they are aesthetically-pleasing (obviously the most important factor) and were the best I could find! Oh, Australia. You really are a bitch in the shoe-shopping department.

Dress: Oasis  |  Bag: Mimco  |  Sunglasses: AM Eyewear  |  Sandals: Camilla Albani from ZOMP Shoes  |  CuffHermes

April xx


  1. I Love those AM Eyewear sunnies, what style are they? and do you know where i can buy them in Sydney?

    1. Thanks! The style is 'Ms Parker' and I think you can buy them from the AM website. You can see them in black (mine are tortoiseshell but I don't think that colour is available any longer) here: They have stockist information on there too. Good luck and thanks for reading!