Saturday, 21 April 2012

Emporio Armani's new digs

Thursday night was, for the most part, a totes magotes first-world-problems disaster. Srsly you guize, Tim and I were already running late (my fault, as always) for the launch of the newly refurbished Emporio Armani Sydney flagship store and when our cab finally showed up, we made it approximately 100 metres down the road when the driver's brain spontaneously combusted and he slowly T-boned another car. We asked him to call us a replacement taxi on his magical taxi computer thing, so he proceeded to yell something vaguely resembling English to a bemused operator, whose frustrated replies would conveniently come through every time the driver ran off to exchange insurance details with the crashees. I called the cab company myself and hung out on hold for about 10 minutes, but by the time my call was answered, he was finishing up anyway.
We hightailed it to Martin Place and engaged in a tense discussion with the driver, who angrily insisted that because he had kindly restarted the meter post-crash (knocking a whopping $3.50 off the final charge) and had "gotten all wet" while standing outside (dealing with his own car accident!), we were not entitled to so much as a discount. Reluctantly and hurriedly, we paid and exited the taxi, with a mere 15 metre walk to the Emporio Armani store ahead of us. In torrential rain.
We waltzed into the party, Tim with sopping wet hair and I with rivulets of insolent water running down my carefully made-up face. What a dashing couple we made.
Luckily, we had made it just in time to grab a much-needed drink and watch an excellent performance by Strange Talk (who knew the Emporio Armani store had such killer acoustics?). After some general chitchat and mingling, we stopped by Marquee to see the Cleo Bachelor of The Year crowned, then headed home to end the night on a high note with Gossip Girl and corn chips in bed. Winning.

Strange Talk performing at the Emporio Armani store re-launch

Tim and I, trying to dry off

Behind those eyes is a vague concern that I smell like damp fabric.

I call this look, "sexy". 

Just banging out a couple of sweet lunges

Jumpsuit: Emporio Armani  |  Shoes: Emporio Armani  |  Bag: Mimco  | Wrist cuff: Diva  |  Earrings: Emporio Armani  |  On fingers: O.P.I. in 'Done Out in Deco'  |  On toes: Face Of Australia in 'Show Off'

April xx

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