Saturday, 5 May 2012

MBFWA: Day Five

With sore feet and severely diminished small talk tolerance levels, we all traipsed to the Overseas Passenger Terminal for the final show: nANA jUDY. Australian band Amy Meredith were set to play during the show, and, thanks to lead singer Christian's bawdy interactions with the models, bestowed a fun Victoria's Secret vibe upon the proceedings. Menswear was relaxed and denim-heavy, while the ladies trotted out in mid-rise (my favourite of all rises) skinny jeans, sheer shirts and leather. Shoes were provided by StyleTread and I found myself repeatedly distracted by these ridiculously hot gold lame boots.

Dress: Burberry  |  Shoes: Burberry  |  Clutch bag: Burberry  |  Left-hand ring: Colette  |  Right-hand ring: Diva  |

Tim and I then made our way to the flagship Burberry store for their big eyewear launch party, feat. delicious canapes and an edgy, unsigned UK band, Life in Film.

Lisa Mitchell and I at the Burberry party

The party was piles of fun, but unfortunately we weren't able to stay long as I had to rush to The Sir Stamford hotel for hair/make-up/styling for Fernando Frisoni's masquerade ball. Such a tough life!
I was painted, curled, masked and dressed in less than an hour and when I finally entered the suite's main room, it was already crowded with guests trying to recognise one another beneath elaborate masks. Each of the suite's bedrooms had been transformed into a bar dedicated to a particular alcohol. There was an Aperol room, a Campari room, a Canadian Club room and the obvious favourite, a vodka room.

Stepford wife chic.

Top: Fernando Frisoni  |  Trousers: Fernando Frisoni  |  Mask: made by GHD

Hidden hip flasks in the Canadian Club room
Sadly, the gorgeous trousers Fernando had dressed me in were a tad big and too long for the shoes I had brought, meaning I was either walking and tripping or standing still and becoming trapped by people treading on the flowing hems. So I had to make a sneaky change into the emergency back-up dress I'd brought, which was actually quite fitting for the venue and my mask. I do love a lucky unintentional match.

Dress: Toni Maticevski  |  Shoes: Jimmy Choo  |  Clutch bag: Yves Saint Laurent  |  Left-hand ring: Colette  |  Mask: made by GHD  |

Tim, the mask thief.

With the lovely Sarah Rugg of Stained With Cigarettes

And so ends Australian Fashion week for another year. Pheeeew! TIME FOR BED.

April xx

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