Sunday, 10 June 2012

New directions

Hey, buddies! Sorry for the lack of posts, but this week has been a busy one. On that note, I have some news. A couple of weeks ago, after seven wonderful years, I left my mother modelling agency, Chadwick. As my primary focus has been acting for a couple of years now, I have signed exclusively to Warehouse 16 management. Hence, I've been rather caught up with the transition to new management and full-time thespian-related activities. However, I did take time out this past week in order to attend a couple of events: the opening night of the Sydney Film Festival (SFF) and the 2012 Ultrabook Pedestrian.TV Blogster Awards, for which this blog was nominated!
The movie shown on the opening night of this year's SFF was 'Not Suitable For Children', starring Ryan Kwanten and Sarah Snook. It was brilliant, funny and engaging, and afterwards, the phrase du jour seemed to be "It was fantastic... Especially for an Australian film!" Oh, Australia. 
I stupidly didn't bother to take any photos of my outfit and event coverage has been surprisingly difficult to track down (it blows my mind that there are always so many photographers, yet I can only ever find two or three websites showing the images!), so the below photos will have to do. Annoyingly, the best photos are on TitoMedia, but their watermark is utterly ridiculous!

Dress: Manning Cartell  |  Clutch bag: Colette  |  Ring: Diva

On Friday afternoon, I filmed a screen test then raced home to get ready for the Blogster Awards, which required a "7.30 arrival for a 7.45 start". My lovely ladydate, Alex, picked me up at 6.45 and what followed was a series of signs that we should simply have stayed home. It was just one of those nights! We had unfortunately failed to realise that the gosh darn Vivid Festival Night Markets were on and that Circular Quay would be swamped with approximately 10,000 polar fleece-clad tourists filming coloured lights. At 7.45, we finally found a park and rushed to put money in the meter... Which would not accept money until 8PM. So there we stood, impatient and shivering (I forgot my jacket in my haste to leave), until we were permitted the pleasure of paying to rent a few metres of space for an hour. A one-block $5.00 cab ride followed (the street we were planning to speed down was closed for the festival), then five minutes of frustrating crowd traversing, a faulty elevator and, at last, an awkwardly late arrival at the Awards. I quietly asked someone who had won the Fashion category and luckily, I hadn't. I of course would have been extremely honoured to win, but imagine if I had done and was then called up for my victory interview! #NotableAbsence much? Congratulations to everyone who did win, particularly the girls of Five Words, who won their category as well as the grand prize of a trip to the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco. Paaarty!

April xx

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