Friday, 20 July 2012

My new handbag visits the rainforest/a garden

I'm so into this hot new bag! It fits in perfectly with the whole 1970s vibe that I'm suddenly feeling at the moment. All I want to wear is gold jewellery, shaggy faux-fur and floppy felt hats, which is annoying because everyone else is wearing them right now, plus I always feel like they will fly off my head and blow away. 

Jacket: vintage  |  Shirt: Dotti  |  Jeans: Levis  |  Boots: vintage  |  Handbag: Mimco  |  Sunglasses: Dragon  |  Bracelets: Diva and Fendi  |  Ring: Diva  |  On fingers: Face of Australia 'Cool Cotton'

I love these boots because I found them in a pile of clothing-filled garbage bags under the spiral staircase outside my bedroom in the Storm Model house in London. Departing girls must have had too much luggage (been there, ladies!), so their losses became my gains, although those gains are not lined properly and make me feel like I am wearing tissue boxes on my feet.

April xx

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