Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Triple black

Shirt: Staple The Label  |  Jeans: Cheap Monday  |  Boots: Mimco  |  Ring (right hand): Diva  |  Bracelets (left hand): Hermes and Diva

I get highly irritated by illogical designs, such as cropped sweaters and backless tops (with which you should not wear a bra) that are a little too thin or transparent (meaning you must wear a bra). This shirt happens to be one of those perplexing pieces, but I loved the silky fabric and slouchy drape so much that I simply had to expose my underwear. I think it actually looks less risqué somehow, like, "hey everyone, there are clearly a couple of layers of fabric so there's nothing to see here," or something.
Anyway, that's why my bra is hanging out. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

April xx

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