Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Oh, snip.

I began modelling when I was 16, shifting more toward ambassadorship roles around age 20 and moving into full-time acting at 22. Whilst I have had a wonderful career so far and am constantly surprised and excited for what each new day brings, the drawback of these lines of work is that I've never had a great deal of say over my appearance. In particular, my hair.
With the exception of pink hair (for a film) in 2008, dark hair (which was necessary to cover the pink) in 2009 and slightly un-darkened/blonde-streaked hair (for a television pilot) in 2011, I have had roughly the same hairstyle for a very long time. That style being basically no style at all. For the work that I do, hair needs to be of maximum versatility and rarely altered, as this would require new headshots and render all existing photos useless, false representations.
I never really minded much (hair with maximum versatility suits my changing whims), but for the past two years, I have been lustfully admiring other girls' retro red manes, pixie crops and, most of all, fringes. And after a couple of months spent badgering my marvellous new management, I have finally been permitted to join Team Tassels. Voila!

Dress: Ellery via Velvet Lane  |  Shoes: ASOS  |  Clutch: Colette  |  Watch: Tag Heuer  |  Earrings: Colette

I took my new fringing out on the town for tonight's Tag Heuer Link Lady launch in support of UN Women Australia. It was a lovely evening, which I and my hair enjoyed very much.

April xx

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