Sunday, 9 September 2012

Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2012


Tank top: Burberry  |  Skirt: Burberry  |  Shoes: Burberry  |  Belt: Burberry  |  Earrings: ASOS  |  Clutch bag: Burberry  |  On fingers: Face of Australia 'Summer Spice'

Thursday night was Sydney's third annual Vogue Fashion's Night Out and I was honoured to be a guest of one of my favourite fashion houses, Burberry. I chose to wear an amazing skirt covered in metallic black and blue tinsel, which made me look a little like a Christmas decoration. What more could one want from an outfit? I frosted my Burberry get-up with a set of gold horn earrings, which actually took me years to track down - I saw a similar pair in US Elle Girl magazine circa 2003, but couldn't find anything like them until recently, when they became one of this year's biggest trends. Annoying, but ultimately gratifying!

April xx

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