Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Regular readers may remember me mentioning that my handsome and talented beau recently launched his solo project, Alaskan Knight. Now, provided that you will be in Sydney this Friday night, you can be the first to see Alaskan Knight live at his debut show! It is at Upstairs Beresford, which means that unlike other live music venues, there are no tickets to pay for and you don't have to be afraid to use the bathroom.
The Alaskan Knight EP will be released soon (stay in the loop on Facebook), but in the meantime, one can whet one's appetite with audio-visual treats, such as the one below!

You can watch earlier installments of the 'Until We See The Sun' series on the Alaskan Knight YouTube channel and generally keep in the loop on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
See you on Friday night!

April xx

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