Tuesday, 5 November 2013




My girl Amanda and I, beyond excited for the show





Tickets to the reunion show beneath my ticket to the first 5ive show I attended, in 2000

If you'd asked me at any point during the past 5 to 10 years, "which band would you most like to see re-form and perform live?" I would not have said "The Beatles," nor "Spice Girls." Without a second thought, I would have answered "5ive."
My love for 5ive is no secret (ahem, ahem), so I was obviously overjoyed when their recent success on The Big Reunion led to an Australian tour. On Friday night, I attended their Sydney show and it was AMAZING. Memories of their 2000 tour flooded back, when I, aged 12, met the boys backstage and had my programme and CD signed (remember getting things signed? If only I'd had a camera...). I really have no more words to describe how much this experience meant to me, so please enjoy these little morsels of joy.

April xx

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