Thursday, 9 January 2014

Summer gold

levis shorts b

levis shorts f

levis shorts g

levis shorts h

Tee: Free People  |  Shorts: vintage Levi's  |  Sneakers: Gideon  |  Bag: River Island  |  Necklace: Diva  | Sunglasses: Gucci  |  Watch: Chanel  |  Bangle: Diva

It has been so lovely and warm here in Sydney, which makes for one happy little April!

April xx


  1. Those shoes are so swag! They really make the outfit! I'm also crazy jealous of your weather, it's like -7 here.

    belle + compass

  2. Love the outfit! You have a great sense of style

  3. i love this outfit!! looks so cool and unique!
    & i really like your blog, i'm your newest follower:) hope you follow back:)**