Tuesday, 1 April 2014


There are many reasons as to why I love Asian pop music. One is the seamless way in which different musical genres are blended to create something truly unique. Another is the fearlessness with which male artists will don skirts, make-up and traditionally feminine hairstyles. But the biggest reason of all is that this is a world in which boy bands and girl bands still reign supreme. Sure, we in the Western world have Little Mix and One Direction (and don't get me wrong: I am a 1D girl through and through), but can we honestly say that even with the huge internet-generated following these groups have, do they really dominate the music scene the way acts like Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and Hanson did? I think not. Therefore, my only recourse is to immerse myself in the world of inspiring outfits, mind-blowing choreography and oft indecipherable lyrics that is Asian pop.
This week, my new fave is 'Very Good' by Block B. Check out the budget on this thing!

April xx

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