Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Part two: Playa del Carmen and Xcaret Park

Dress: Jen's Pirate Booty

Beautiful birds at Xcaret Park

Dress: Free People  |  Sandals: Banana Republic  |  Handbag: Marc Jacobs

Getting a peek inside Xcaret's fantastic breeding program... How cute is this little baldie?

An albino turtle?!

Hangin' with turtles.

Playing with the babies - their keeper explained that the park collects the eggs from beaches, raises the hatchlings for around a year and then releases them back into the wild!

This howler monkey will be FURIOUS when he sees that I posted this unflattering photo of him.

An open section of the underwater cave system I swam through; very cool, but rather scary!

I hatched! #achievement

                                                                                         April xx

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