Monday, 6 April 2015

Beauty note

Hey babes!

I decided to write this post as I have recently been receiving a lot of questions about my skincare routine (which is very flattering, so thank you!).
Our story begins in late 2011, when I was put on a hormone-related medication, which ended up causing me side effects that were far too disagreeable to put up with. Upon quitting the medication, my hormones were not happy and my skin broke out like never before, with spots in odd, non-oily places, like below my jawline and in the middles of my cheeks. I tried countless regimens and products, including intense prescription-only creams, which I usually avoid at all costs, but any improvement was very slight. Last year, I jumped on the oil bandwagon, first using time-consuming oil cleansers, then turning to my beloved coconut oil as a nighttime moisturiser. I purchased some Retin-A cream in Mexico (you don't have to bother with a prescription for it there) and applied that at night using coconut oil as a barrier. STILL, nothing drastically changed. After a few months of that, I switched to a cream with a higher percentage of retinol but a more soothing formula (details below). No great change. I went off the retinol cream, not wanting my skin to become reliant upon it after hearing of girls who had quit their retinol cream and seen their skin return to a worse state than they began with. I also quit oil when a friend said that she didn't believe the hype as it had appeared to make her skin worse, and I realised that she might be onto something (I had switched to jojoba oil by now, with no notable effects).
Then, late last year, I got up on the popular micellar water game. The simplified routine suits me perfectly, because I've always hated the hassle of wetting and cleansing my face at night, dealing with rivulets of sudsy water running down my shirt and up my arms, particularly in winter.  A few weeks later, and with slight improvements already noticeable, I added in a skin clearing treatment (details  below) and within weeks, began to notice a difference. Gradually, the spots cleared and my skin appeared better than ever before. If a small blemish did begin to appear, it would retreat within a day or two (during the bad years, I would have spots that lasted up to six weeks, which is insane!). I've just taken up with the second retinol cream again (only every third night, as advised when introducing a retinol product) and am loving the extra glow it provides in the morning.
I generally switch it up all the time and rarely purchase the same product twice - there are always new brands and products to try, so why wouldn't you? On that note, this post is unpaid and unsponsored - I was gifted some of the products mentioned, but I would never recommend something I don't believe in. I am simply so excited by the turnaround my skin performed and wanted to share my tips with all of you!
I did try a lot of things all at once out of desperation, so special mentions may also be in order for  evening primrose oil capsules and hormone-regulating maca root powder. So try those too!
In conclusion, it has been a frustrating couple of years, but I am finally out of the woods and able to attend auditions without fearing my skin will cost me the job.
Without further waffling, here is my current skincare routine:

MORNING   After my daily workout and dog walk, I shower and never let any water touch my face (unless I am washing my hair, which I try to limit to about once or twice a week to maintain healthy oils). After showering, I wipe a machine-washable reusable cotton pad (I bought mine over on Etsy) with micellar water on it over my face and neck, using both sides of the pad. I apply serum and eye cream, wait a minute or so for them to soak in and then apply moisturiser (I'll use one with sunscreen if I will be outside that day) and a minute later, the magical skin clearing treatment.

DURING THE DAY   If I notice a blemish appearing (and am not wearing make-up), I will apply a second layer of the skin clearing treatment.

NIGHT   Another swipe of micellar water (I'll go through a few cotton pads if there is make-up to remove in the process), followed by a night serum, eye cream, night moisturiser and either the retinol lotion (every second or third night, gradually building up to every night) or skin clearing treatment.

And that's it!

Now, on to what I am currently using, including my super favourite magic treatment...

My wonderful retinol lotion.
Paula's Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment

My current day and night moisturisers.
Puretopia Sensitive Care Protective Moisturiser and Sleep & Renew Night Face Moisturiser 

And finally, my hero product! This also comes in an extra strength version, which I have not yet tried.
Paula's Choice Clear Daily Skin Clearing Treatment

Most importantly, be kind to yourselves and be gentle with your skin. :-)

April xx


  1. Have you tried Pixi Glow Tonic? It's AMAZING. I think you would love it.

    Georgina - smashbox giveaway!

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    Love from Dubai,

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  5. Thanks for sharing your skincare routine, you look gorgeous and flawless! xo

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    Jules x

  7. My skin is getting worse the older I get, I need to get a proper routine like this

  8. Great routine. Your skin looks great. Will be in-cooperating some of these.

  9. Great routine. Your skin looks great. Will be in-cooperating some of these.

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