Thursday, 4 June 2015

Waxing vs. Laser hair removal

HEELS: Tony Bianco  |  BANDANA: vintage (similar HERE)

I've been having my legs waxed since I was in high school, with increasingly bad results. I can no longer seem to find a good beautician anywhere and am always sent home with way too many missed hairs, followed by socially unacceptable regrowth within 10 days (waxing is supposed to result in 4 to 5 weeks of blissful hairlessness). The process is painful, expensive and means that my outfits are perpetually dependant on whether I have had time to get a wax that week or not, all in commitment to that holy grail life of hair-free legs (years of waxing supposedly leads to minimal hair regrowth). But that life continues to elude me. 
This week, I flipped the script and booked into Laser Clinics Australia for a course of full leg laser hair removal. I'm at the tail end of a course of underarm laser there, with fantastic results, so am very much looking forward to a future which does not involve frantic last-minute trips to the waxer, or pangs of guilt following a desperate pre-red carpet shave ("great, now I've just undone the positive work of at least three waxes!"). The staff are always professional and knowledgeable (I've visited three different Laser Clinics Australia locations and have found the standard high across the board) and there are frequent sales, which allow you to stock up on a bunch of laser sessions to use at your leisure.
The process is fast, simple and honestly, painless. It is recommended that you shave frequently in the weeks leading up to your appointment and you must do so in the 24 hours before it. As legs are a large area, your Laser Clinics Australia technician will draw a grid on them with highlighter, then give you a pair of sassy sunglasses to protect your eyes. The machine follows each laser pulse with an immediate blast of cool air, so you experience a repeated hot-to-cold sensation as the technician works quickly up and down your legs. The settings are gradually turned up at each of your appointments - my underarm sessions are now at a point that sometimes stings a little, but it is FAR less painful than waxing.
All in all, it means one less thing to be restricted by when getting dressed, is cheaper in the long run and I cannot recommend it enough!

April xx


  1. Great post dear!
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  2. I'm definitely considering laser hair removal :) It must be such a relief not having to worry!

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  4. I definitely want to do laser hair removal, especially on my bikini line! Ain't nobody got time for that


  5. I so love this. Thank you for sharing and have a great day! :)


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  7. That bandana is such a cool touch! I've never done waxing before but it sounds PAINFUL. I've been contemplating between both for a while now, and I think I've got the answer. Thanks for sharing! <3

    May x • THE MAYDEN

  8. Thanks for sharing this. Waxing can be a pain indeed ! Kisses

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  11. Eeks, I'm going to my first laser hair appt. tomorrow! Reading this has been so helpful! Great post! So glad I found this blog :)

    The Style Roll

  12. I'd love to get laser hair removal done on my legs, can't afford it just yet though!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  13. I's love laser hair removal surely! You've beautiful legs darling(;

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  14. That's amazing! Have a nice weekend!

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  15. So in love with the bandanna around you ankle, way too cute and so good to know. We've been thinking about laser hair removal, might have to look more into it!

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  16. Fabulous review. Loved your detailed post.

  17. wow!Your legs look stunning and this treatment sound amazing, I am going to look for something similar in my area. thanks.
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  18. April! This post is so up my ally right now! I am traveling for five months and constantly shaving my under arms is annoying, so I started waxing. It is so much cheaper outside of the US (paid $2 in Chile and $6 in Thailand!)....but I am thinking when I get back, I might just bite the bullet and sign up for laser hair removal! Thanks for the push!

    Ginger Side of Life

  19. I've always thought about laser hair removal since I hate having prickly hair but never knew if it worked! Good to know that you are happy with the results!


  20. I love it.

  21. Love the shoes so much~~ xoxo

  22. those shoes are blowing. I have got laser done on legs too. find it pretty good.

  23. son una de mis compras pendientes, siempre que los veo lo digo pero luego nunca doy con unos que me gusten

    que tengas un buen sábado

  24. Interesting post!

  25. I'm honestly waaay too lazy to shave or even wax my legs! I guess that's why I only wear jeans or leggings, hahaha. This is amazing though! Thanks to tell what's the difference <3

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  26. I hope it works for you! I've seen people have great results with laser hair removal, but I too don't like waxing. It doesn't seem to do what it says it should at all and the regrowth part is embarrassing!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  27. Holy grail of hair free legs, too funny. I don't wax either because I have sensitive skin that gets bruised with waxing. I prefer laser hair removal which I had done even on my face. My makeup is always flawless thanks to the great results from that and my primer of course lol. I'm glad you found something that works for you.

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  29. Fantastic post dear!

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  30. I've been so interested in laser hair removal recently, especially because it's summer lol! Thanks for sharing your experience, it's great advice:)


  31. Thanks for the detailed review, great to hear a first hand perspective :)

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  32. great post! I love the shoes too :)

  33. great post! I love the shoes too :)

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