Monday, 30 May 2011

Mulberry jamming

I am often asked to describe my style, which, for a long time, I found immensely difficult. Modelling for so many years meant that I was trying new cuts, shapes and trends daily and being made to wear certain styles that I'd assumed would not suit me. Thus, I have always been quite experimental with fashion. Following a lot of trial, error and distillation, I now describe my style as "Chanel-esque" - a la Karl Lagerfeld, I am drawn to to simple, classic pieces and monochromatic looks but always add something a little edgy, such as a leather jacket, a studded tote or a badass shoe. 
On Thursday, I was getting ready for the launch of a book cataloguing the past two years of work by one of my favourite accessory labels, Mulberry. Pressed for time after a frantic day, I threw on a drapey, pleated dress by Lovers & Collaborators. The dress turned out to be much shorter than I'd originally thought and it was so cold that getting changed was already torture; black stockings were a must. Feeling that I needed to cover up a little more, I slipped into a pair of divine knee-high wedge boots that the lovely folks at Mimco gifted me with when I closed their show at this year's L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. The boots come up higher at the front than the back, like some kind of gladiator leg shield, marrying soft leather with panels of stretchy elastic and glossy patent. I can't believe that I waited two whole months to take them on their first outing! Last of all, I frosted with a black cocktail ring and a pair of sparkly, geometric clip-on earrings by Chrissy L. Perfect classic chic with an edge. But alas, being the fidgeter that I am, I flicked an earring one too many times on the way to the Mulberry store and broke it. Disaster! Thankfully, as every Disney princess will attest, a tragedy must have a hero and in this case it took the form of a delicious Mulberry handbag. The Jewelled Lily, to be precise. Covered with more than 3000 hand-stitched rivets and crystals, it is really less of a handbag and more of a confection. Yum!

Hanging out in front of a giant inflatable Mulberry bag

Dress: Lovers & Collaborators
Handbag: Mulberry
Stockings: Platinum
Boots: Mimco
Ring: Chrissy L

Mulberry bag balloons

The fabulous Chrissy L earrings that I broke on the way there...

The following night, Tim and I boarded a boat with his cousin and Operator Please bandmate, Chris, bound for Cockatoo Island. Within the concrete skeleton of yesteryear's shipping industry, Mastercard were hosting a Birds of Tokyo concert. Up-and-comers Papa VS. Pretty played support and, having previously heard a little of their music, I was looking forward to seeing them live. Baby-faced and buzzing with energy, all three members were adept and charismatic. They had great chemistry and audience interaction, blushing with pride as they repeatedly mentioned the release of their first album that day. Many of the tracks are viable for radio play and, with the nice set of pipes on frontman Thomas on their side, it shouldn't be long before the kids are on heavy Channel [V] rotation. 
Tim, Chris and I have all seen Birds of Tokyo play a couple of times and have also spent some time with the band behind the scenes. They are lovely guys and, unaffected by a recent bass player replacement, stayed true to form with another tight performance. Kenny, the lead vocalist, does not waste much time chatting to the audience and despite some challenging melodies, his powerful voice is unwavering. Plus, he has some damn fine dance moves to boot.

My cosy Birds of Tokyo gig outfit...
Dress: Evil Twin
Handbag: Mimco
Boots: RMK

Earrings: Colette

View of Sydney city from the boat

Papa VS. Pretty

Birds of Tokyo

April xx

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