Monday, 13 June 2011

Double feature

Yesterday, a dreary Sydney Sunday, I fought the urge to burrow under the doona and instead, braved the vile weather for the Sydney Film Festival's second screening of my debut film, LBF. We had another great turnout, with all tickets sold and a huge queue of people out front. Yay! 
Another film was shown beforehand: a 20-minute collaboration between Spike Jonze and the band Arcade Fire called Scenes From The Suburbs. It was quite disjointed and often perplexing, but also very sad. There was one line toward the end that I loved. It was the voiceover of the main character, a boy in his late teens, speaking of an old friend. 
"... Sometimes, what he has become changes how I remember him."
For some reason, it really stuck with me. 
I was worried that it might set the audience in the wrong mood to take in LBF, but thankfully, there was a quick speech and introduction from our director, Alex Munt, between the films, providing ample time for transition from Spike Jonze's rather bleak vision to our film. Whilst funny and sweet in many parts, LBF does have some fairly sad content, so if the audience is already bummed out, I don't see it being perceived quite so well!
Having already seen the film twice and being unable to watch myself onscreen without notably cringing, I slipped out of the theatre with Tim about thirty minutes in. He wanted to buy some treats from the Apple store and, once out of nerd visibility, we took some fly pictures on the exciting staircase there.

Hat: Hurley
Coat: Scanlan & Theodore
Sweater: Le Secret
Dress (worn underneath): Maurie and Eve
Boots: Sanna
Bag: Colette
Necklace: Mimco

I hope everyone has enjoyed the long weekend. And don't be glum about it ending... We now have a four-day week to look forward to! Score.

April xx

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