Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Teacher's pet

One of the best things about having a career that spans fashion, film and media is that I am provided so many opportunities to expand within these fields and try my hand at different things. On Friday, I arose at the unseemly hour of 5AM (did you guys know that there's a five o'clock in the morning now?) and made my way to Sydney's Fox Studios to shoot four episodes of the children's game show, Pyramid. Having taken part in the show last year and enjoying the experience immensely, I was delighted to be asked to play a second time. The premise of the show of the show involves two teams, each consisting of one celebrity player and two players around the age of 13. The celebrity describes words from a particular category to one of their teammates, who attempts to get six correct answers within 30 seconds. It can be tricky, staring at a word that you are not allowed to say and trying to come up with the best way to describe it to someone who is part of a (slightly!) younger generation than yourself. But a lot of fun! I will try to get my mitts on some photos of the day soon, otherwise, Australian readers can point and laugh at me on their television screens when my four episodes are shown in about three months. 
Another fantastic role that was presented to me late last year was that of a teacher/guest speaker in the relatively new Fashion Institute in Surry Hills. It was opened to cater to those who are fresh out of school or looking for a change in their careers, interested in fashion but without a great deal of industry knowledge. I was asked to teach the Model Management class and have done so for three of the Institute's terms now, imparting knowledge on the role of a model manager in the fashion industry, the work that they do and the life of a model. I taught my third class on Monday and still found it nerve-wracking, but, as usual, the students were lovely and I enjoyed sharing my experiences in order to help them gain insight into the world of fashion and all of the talented people who are part of it. 

Coat: Next (UK)
Shirt: Zara (UK)
Faux leather leggings: FCUK
Boots: Siren
Silly sequinned hat: Forever New

April xx

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