Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cloak and dagger

At the risk of sounding like Grampa Simpson... There's an interesting story behind this cape.
A couple of years ago, I was being interviewed by Australian Shop Til You Drop magazine for a feature article on my favourite hangouts, designers and shops in Sydney. I mentioned vintage store Grandma Takes A Trip as one of my top shopping haunts and, due to it's bright, eclectic interior, the Shop team made it the location for one of the photographs that would accompany the article. It had all been pre-arranged with the owner and the store was closed for no more than half an hour while a photographer snapped me perusing the pre-loved wares. Yet the girl working there that day remained inexplicably surly toward us. While "pretending" to browse racks of clothing for the camera, I found this gem of a cape, made in London and 100% wool. I am allergic to wool. Nonetheless, it had to be mine. The shop assistant begrudgingly agreed to mind it for me until we finished shooting and, as we were packing up, I paid for it. The Shop girls were rather indignant because we were giving the store some great free press and Miss Crankypants the shop assistant didn't even give me a discount, let alone a freebie... But I didn't mind. Looking fly whilst trying to tell myself that my neck doesn't itch like crazy is enough of a treat for me.

Cape: Vintage
Stockings: Voodoo
Boots: Sportsgirl
Bag: Mimco

April xx

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