Saturday, 27 August 2011

Double challenge

Last week, I was asked back for a third stint on the children's game show Pyramid. It is always so much fun and I took my being requested thrice as a sign that I am flipping awesome at the game. So, being extremely competitive, I simply had to take part again.
It is, however, quite difficult to dress for this particular scenario. You shoot four episodes in one day, at least two of which are back-to-back, so you need a total of four quick outfit changes. You need pants with a strong waistband as they need to fix the microphone pack to the small of your back, so you can't wear dresses, nor leggings. That simply leaves jeans (which we have established I detest and can never find tops to wear with). From there, it's only a matter of throwing four shirts into a bag, right? Oh, how wrong you are, fictional questioner. If you wear a fitted top, the microphone pack will stick out, and you aren't allowed to wear anything with logos, fine checks or fine stripes. Or the colour white. And finally, you can't wear most kinds of necklaces as they scratch on the microphone.
Harder than it looks, isn't it?
Sooo this is one of the outfits I wore last time I was on the show, in June of this year:

Top: POL
Jacket: Cooper St
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Shoes: Gideon

... And here are some of the outfits I threw on to film a few weeks ago:

Sweater: Dotti
Pants: American Apparel
Shoes: Converse

Rocking some jazz hands and wearing...
Jacket: Cooper St
Tank (underneath): Witchery
Pants: American Apparel
Shoes: Converse
Ring: Colette

Jacket: POL
Tank: TopShop
Pants: American Apparel
Shoes: Converse
Necklace: Diva

Oh, and game-wise, I was on fire. Naturally.

April xx

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