Monday, 26 September 2011


I am prone to falling head over heels for unique, exciting "pieces", such as bold capes and outlandish shoes. What girl doesn't go all bowerbird when she sees something pretty and shiny? In fact, I think that this is the reason for Australia's current retail slump: stores feared the worst and played it safe with their designs. But customers have tightened their purse strings, meaning a garment or accessory has to be really special to warrant them splashing cash! Ergo, store fail.
Vintage and thrift shopping, however, will always be a different story. For a lover of fashion and style, there is nary a thrill that beats walking into a second-hand emporium, scrounging through racks of hideous acid-wash, nylon and - shudder - polar fleece atrocities and coming across something amazing for a bargain price.
Enter my darling new cape. Sparkly, handmade and all of eight dollars.

  April xx

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