Friday, 16 September 2011

Digging... Treats

I'm vegetarian and weirdly all-or-nothing when it comes to food. I'll eat the healthiest, blandest, protein-containing, green vegetable-based, no-salt-added, dairy- and carb-free meal, just so I can follow it up with what I really enjoy: cheese, chocolate and just about anything with peanut butter on it. Therefore, this food-based post consists of many of my favourite indulgences alongside some of my staple health foods. It all evens out in the end. 

BSC Body Shaping Protein For Women in Cafe Latte flavour
I have tried a LOT of different protein powders from all over the world. This is by far my favourite. I don't even drink coffee but Cafe Latte is my flavour of choice; it is rich and creamy despite the fact that I only mix it with water!

Lindt Sea Salt Dark Chocolate
As an only child trying not to be selfish, this is a little difficult for me. Lindt Sea Salt is one of the best chocolate varieties ever invented - not only is it a quality brand and a healthier dark option, it has a wonderful salty flavour contrast! However, it is a bitch to find. Each supermarket I scour carries every other flavour in the Lindt Excellence range except this one, and when I do find it someplace, it's all gone within days and not restocked for weeks. It also varies in price between stores, ranging from about $3.50 at Priceline, to $5.00 at Lindt Cafes (oh yeah, I did my research). So please, encourage your local supermarket to stock this flavour, but refrain from buying the whole stack at once when it hits the shelves. That's definitely not what I do. Wink wink. 

Liquid chlorophyll
Add a few drops of this to your water to enjoy a cleansed body, a minty flavour and a green hue that will have everyone annoying you as they repeatedly ask what you're drinking. 

Black quinoa
I discovered quinoa a few years ago and have been hooked since. Why would I eat rice when this effortlessly replaces it, while being way higher in protein and far quicker to cook? The black variety is my favourite, simply because I feel that it is healthier than the white-coloured one. You know how the darker and brighter vegetables, like purple cabbage, are chock full of vitamins? That's my logic.

Seaweed Snack
Crispy, healthy and delicious, these little rectangular sheets of seaweed are paper thin and great to snack on when you simply feel like snacking. There are a few different brands but they are all essentially the same, so keep an eye out when you're next perusing an Asian supermarket for chips in exotic flavours and sodas with funny names.  

BSC Body Lo Carb Bites
I only came across these bad boys last week, but hot damn, I am flipping excited about them. They are SO DELICIOUS! I'm considering bulk-buying. 

Yerba Mate
This is the staple tea of Argentina and reportedly better for the body than green tea, with higher anti-oxidant levels and some kind of extra metabolism-boosting stuff. The taste may take a little getting used to, but I don't mind it at all, especially after initially trying it the Argentinian way. Traditionally, they take this little pot called a galleta and fill it to the brim with loose yerba mate leaves, which look like horse chaff. They then pour boiling water in (not much, mind you, because it is so packed with horse chaff that it constantly requires topping up with boiling water as it is drunk), followed by a bombilla straw. The  rounded strainer on its end means only the (extremely strong) tea makes it to your mouth, leaf free. But wait! The straw is metal. Metal conducts heat. Hello, burned lips!
So, yeah. I prefer the teabags.

Bombillas for drinking yerba mate/burning lips
Galleta for drinking yerba mate

Ginger Chews
It is with great trepidation that I share this one with you, hence why I have saved it for last. These candies are pretty much the greatest thing ever. Spicy, chewy, sweet and gingery, I became hooked on them in London and have been known to devour entire boxes in single sittings. There really aren't that many Chews in each box, though. Which is funny, as they cost upwards of $4.00. The other funny thing is that I have only been able to find them in two stores. In the whole of Sydney. And they are out of stock almost every time I go in. You can buy them on Amazon... But they can't be delivered to Australia, because they are "food". There is a factory in Queensland where you can buy them... But it's rather out of the way. They won't deliver boxes either.
I just checked their Australian website, which, six months ago, was less than helpful. Today, it is a shining beacon of hope. Apparently, Ginger Chews are now not only stocked in a few more health food stores, but will soon be available at Priceline! Oh, happy day!
Now, to convince them to bring the ginger-apple flavour to Australia as well...

April xx

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