Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Missoni for Target

As my fellow Australians will attest, H&M, Zara and TopShop are the chain stores we most like to visit when abroad because we don't have them in Australia (yes, we have a Zara store now, but we aren't given the good collections that are stocked in the Zara stores of America, Europe, etc.). Today, I let you in on another secret of mine and bring to you a fourth covetable-yet-wallet-friendly overseas shopping hotspot: Target USA. 
Yes sir, whenever I am in the States, I always try to include Target in my shopping rounds. They have great designer collaborations, product ranges from domestic goddess Martha Stewart and super cool dog clothes that are actually small enough to fit my chihuahuas! But, most exciting of all, as of this week they will launch a capsule collection from one of my absolute favourite design houses, Missoni.
The range (see below) is comprised of 400 items in Missoni's signature mouth-wateringly vivid prints, including clothing for both adults and children, as well as crockery, furniture, cosmetic purses and one particularly delightful bicycle. 
While I'm not loving the styling of the clothes - there is so much layering that it's near impossible to make out individual pieces - the collection is predictably amazing and I desire most of it on or around my body immediately. 
Of course, there is a catch. The folks over at US Target are still ignoring the rest of the world by failing to offer international shipping (according to one of my disgruntled Twitter followers, they won't even deliver to Canada!).
Come on, Target. Don't make me get one of those American postal address dealies, because that's going to open up way too many shopping opportunities for me and it'll get real ugly, real fast.

April xx

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