Saturday, 29 October 2011

Betts online

Betts, Australian purveyors of super cute cost-effective shoes and accessories, have fashioned themselves a fancy new website. There are options for those with extra small or extra large feet, online specials and even a nifty Spring Racing section.
I just had a peruse and have compiled a few rad styles below. You can peep the site with your own eyes here:
Summer is almost here... Hurrah!

Fruity, $99.99

Hana-B, $139.99

Hybrid, $109.99

Lexy, $49.99

Manhattan, $89.99

Mara, $49.99

Meridian $89.99

Rancher, $49.99

Sumatra, $99.99

Sunny, $59.99

Vespa, $99.99

Zast-B, $99.99

Block, $59.99

Jubilation, $29.99

Marie, $69.99

Summer, $49.99

April xx

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