Thursday, 20 October 2011

A day at the fair

I love fairs and markets: the rides, the face painting, the food, the zany arts and crafts... What isn't to love? A day weaving around prams and gnawing at food on sticks calls for a playful wardrobe, so I threw on this little dress. It was originally a full-length pair of overalls that I wore as a child, but I sewed it into a dress during a clothing alteration phase when I was about 14 (on one particularly dangerous occasion, I took a bag of clothes and a pair of fabric scissors to a close girlfriend's house and we went to town on most of our wardrobes. There was also fluoro spray paint involved). Wearing my overalls-dress always makes me feel like a kid again, taking me back to those joyous days when I was carefree, had a blonde bob and was able to bask smugly in the parental support for my early career goal of "Aboriginal artist". Good times.

Tank top: TopShop
Dress: customised United Colours of Benetton
Bag: Colette
Shoes: Gideon
Bracelets: various vintage, Colette, DIY and Mexican market finds

Chip on a stick? Madness!

Clearly, I'm really digging my new MoloPix iPhone app.

 April xx

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