Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Get fit

As you may know from previous rants on this blog, I have a lot of issues with jeans and from the responses I've received since, I've gathered that I am not alone. It seems that most women detest shopping for jeans and I actually know a few who flat out refuse to wear them. Ever.
Fret no more, ladies: this week, rock and roll denim brand G-Star RAW will be hosting a Global Women's Night. A team of G-Star RAW stylists will take customers through the trends of the season, provide styling tips and, best of all, match people up with their near-perfect jeans!
I had a little sneak preview this afternoon and was very happy with my rad stylist-selected skinnies.
Please excuse the shirt covered in fold creases; it has clearly been taken off the shop floor for the purpose of these photos. Silly April wore a dress to the fitting.

Sydney-siders can be part of Global Women's night tomorrow, as per the invitation below, while Melbournians can participate this Friday the 28th of October.

April xx

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