Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial launch

Living somewhere as scenic as Sydney, one can grow a little complacent and blase about their picturesque surroundings. I often forget how utterly spectacular the soaring sails of the Opera House are, so it is nice to visit the landmark once in a while and be astounded once more. 
Last Thursday night, the purpose of my jaunt to the Sydney Opera House was the launch of the Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial champagne. Now, I know that this is terrible... But I really cannot stand champagne. Nor wine. Nor beer. I simply cannot develop a taste for any of them, to the point where the mere scent of them makes me feel ill. However, I had heard interesting things about Moet & Chandon's latest offering (it has had several launches across the globe prior to reaching Sydney's shore), most intriguing of all being the fact that it is served over ice. 
So, on Thursday night, Tim and I threw on some white tops in a nod to the "white chic" dress code and soaked up the late afternoon sunlight at the Opera Point Marquee. 

Tim is wearing...
Jacket: Ben Sherman
Shirt: Rufus Green
Trousers: ASOS

I am wearing...
Collar: Armani
Top: Armani
Trousers: Armani
Bag: Colette

My shoes: Armani
Tim's shoes: ASOS

We were greeted with a glass of the champagne and directed to the Garnish Bar, which held large bowls brimming with raspberries, strawberries, cucumber, orange peel, mint, pineapple, mango, lychees and those little red flowers that everyone gives you on your 18th birthday.

The Garnish Bar


 As the evening wore on, our garnishes became more and more "elaborate"...

The champagne itself is light, fruity and surprisingly (to me, with my under-developed alcohol appreciation skills) very delicious. Hello, new Summer drink!

Gracie, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and I

Wrist cuff: Armani
I like this picture because if you look at my feet, it appears as if I am floating. Wow!

April xx


  1. Hello April, You look like you had a great day and yes you do look like you are floating, gorgeous dress. xx