Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I was first introduced to Die Antwoord by my boy Tim late last year. His band, Operator Please, were booked to play Big Day Out music festival and he was perusing the other acts on the line-up. He clicked through to Die Antwoord's video for 'Enter The Ninja' and we both watched it with increasing confusion. I simply settled on the notion that they must be some kind of joke band with a cult following of Generation Y-ers, whose interest in seeing them live was largely ironic (given the opportunity, you would surely go and see Rebecca Black perform, if only for the zeitgeist factor). But when I swung by the heaving Boiler Room stage to watch their set, Die Antwoord quite simply blew me away. It was the first time I'd seen a band and been so thoroughly impressed that I actually bothered to seek out their music afterwards (I know that it's quite common to see a new band live and fall for their music, but it is a rarity for me!).
As you have undoubtedly gathered by now, I am rather partial to booty bass/gangsta rap/jock jam-esque music and it is this element of Die Antwoord's sound that I was strongly drawn to. I'm also a sucker for a witty, funny or punny lyric, which is one of the reasons I love Eminem and Fall Out Boy #DON'TJUDGEME. Die Antwoord have this too, down pat.
When listening to them, I spend half the time chortling at their fantastic eccentricities and the other half being shocked by their frightening and oft deeply sadistic themes and imagery. But whether I am joyful or fearful, I'm highly likely to be booty-shaking and rapping along to rival the 'Rich Bitch' of Die Antwoord herself, Yolandi.
Please enjoy what I feel is one of their best and most club-worthy songs, '$copie'.

April xx

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