Saturday, 4 February 2012

MIMCO presents 'Dreamwarp Society'

I love MIMCO because unlike almost every other brand in the low- to middle-end price range, they refuse to simply copy the high-end labels and instead, design original, unique accessories. Their handbag colourways are always new and fresh, their shapes, exclusive and, best of all, their hardware and clasps are distinctively their own (I'm assuming that most of you fashionistas can also spot a clasp "inspired by" those of Mulberry or Hermes a mile off!).
The new designs are, of course, no exception and actually make 'Dreamwarp Society' my favourite MIMCO collection thus far. The campaign is glamourous, moody and exotic, featuring model Alyssa Sutherland and having been shot entirely on location in Shanghai. The collection was inspired by the surreal nature of dreams, telling the story of a punk girl in 1930s Hong Kong who "slides into the retro futurism of a minimalist kingdom". Basically, it is East/modern/punk meets West/tribal/romance, resulting in two sub-collections: clean, shiny minimalism makes up 'Go Galaxy' and eclectic, dark textures inform 'Define Decadence'.
You can view the campaign images and video below (courtesy of MIMCO) and shop the 'Dreamwarp Society' collection right now, on the MIMCO website.

April xx

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