Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Movie night

If you want to see me attempting to act prior to significant training, my first film LBF is being screened as part of the third annual Australian Film Festival, which starts today! LBF first premiered at last year's South By Southwest Festival in the US, followed by two screenings at the Sydney Film Festival. All of these screenings sold out very quickly, so if you want to come along, buy your tickets STAT! They're only $13, which is almost half the price of most movie tickets these days. What is up with that? Anyway, it's showing on March 14th in Sydney and the details/ticket-purchase-area are here:
Aaand there are some behind-the-scenes snaps of production below, feat. me with hectic pink hair, which I totally had way before it was a trend... Simply meaning that I had to hurriedly explain to everyone I met that it was for a film, in order to quell their astonished/disgusted reactions. Coloured hair is a lot more commonplace and socially acceptable these days. I am actually still feeling the repercussions of it - I initially had my hair dyed super dark to cover up the pink, then last year I had it lightened in an attempt at reaching my natural colour and I am now trying to grow that straw out. I warn thee of the dangers of coloured hair! If only that new Kevin Murphy Color Bug stuff had been around when we were filming. Sigh.

April xx

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