Sunday, 1 April 2012

Marquee Sydney launch

On Friday night, Sydney's The Star casino had yet another launch party, this time in honour of its new club, Marquee. Consisting of three different rooms, an open-air courtyard and an enormous unisex bathroom, the club takes things to a whole new level, the likes of which have never really been seen in Australia before. Finally, a place that does table service (à la every single club I've ever visited overseas). Hooray for Sydney! 
Towards the end of the night, I was leaving the unisex bathrooms, exciting teddy bear-shaped balloon in hand (made for me by a charming bloke who then used a skipping rope while riding a unicycle), and stumbled upon Red Foo from LMFAO performing in The Main Room, stripped down and shaking it like nobody's business. But the best part of the Marquee experience was definitely The Boom Box room, which is decked out in retro honey colours and plays a delightful selection of R&B and sweet hip hop beats. Hello, my new favourite D-floor. 

Dress: Manning Cartell  |  Shoes:  Siren  |  Bag: Colette  |  Earrings: Colette  |  Ring: Diva

{First 4 images courtesy of TitoMedia, Chic Traveller and Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer}

April xx

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  1. That balloon teddy bear is adorable. I wish I'd seen the guy making them around - all I got was a hangover ha!

    Great club and totally agree about the Boom Box Room - so much fun!