Sunday, 22 April 2012

Red Alert

Last week, I was asked to be a guest judge on an episode of Code Red, an online fashion series hosted by Elle Halliwell for The Daily Telegraph. I had seen a couple of episodes before (including one that featured myself; luckily, they were kind to me!) and was very excited to take part.
However, it appeared that my bad luck from the night before was still in effect. To begin with, the car came to collect me 15 minutes earlier than planned, meaning I was throwing shoes and hairpins everywhere while the driver stood awkwardly outside. Thankfully, we made it sans crash and I was introduced to my co-judge for the episode, the lovely Georgia Rickard (you can follow her on Twitter here). Georgia wanted something to eat, so Elle and I waited while she visited the in-house cafe. Then Georgia and I both needed to go to the bathroom. Then the cameramen couldn't figure out any way to attach microphones to our complicated outfits. Then we both wanted water, but they didn't have any spare cups, so we had to go and visit a bubbler. Then it was discovered that I had something in my teeth and with a great deal of effort, I managed to lodge it further in between, making it invisible but highly uncomfortable (if you watch the video, you will notice my many fruitless attempts to dislodge it when I think the camera is not on me). Georgia's hair kept scratching her microphone. We were apparently not wearing enough blush for the lighting. My microphone pack kept pulling the back of my dress down and choking me. There was simply one thing after another, but in spite of (or perhaps, because of) all the hiccups, we had so much fun! We wrapped and took some photos, then Georgia and I nipped to the Camilla and Marc sale preview for a little afternoon shop. As we left, we realised that we live quite near one another, so she offered to drive me home, but alas, my bad luck struck again in the form of another car running into the back of hers. All was fine and the driver was very apologetic... But what is up with my karma of late?! Sorry, Georgia!

You can see our episode of Code Red at the end of this post, or on its own special page here.

Elle, Georgia and myself


Georgia and I

I thought I would have some fancy photoshop fun with this later on...

... But it turns out that I am not very good at photoshopping. Still, check me out, flying over the sea!

I also ran into the hilarious Joe Hildebrand, who caused me to become someone very unfamiliar to myself: a babbling fan. How embarrassment. You can join my crazy brigade by viewing Joe's blog here and following him on Twitter here.

Dress: Manning Cartell  |  Shoes: Betts  |  Handbag: Mimco  |  Ring (left hand): Colette  |  Sunglasses: Karl Lagerfeld  |  On fingers: O.P.I. in 'Done Out in Deco'  |  On toes: Face of Australia in 'Show Off'

April xx

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