Friday, 5 October 2012

TOPSHOP Sydney launch

Jeans, top, shoes, clutch, bracelets and hair bow: TOPSHOP  |  On fingers: Face of Australia in 'Show Off'  |  On toes: Face of Australia in 'Champagne Kiss'

On Wednesday night, TOPSHOP finally opened in Sydney with an enormous, sweltering party. I was given a sneak peek inside the store the day before the launch to pick up some swag and hang out with the Personal Styling team, who truly are wonderful - I highly recommend popping in to see them if you're visiting the store!
Now I'm off to do some much-needed spring cleaning. I somehow accumulate ridiculous amounts  of  stuff (okay, most days I do arrive home to find surprise boxes of goodies at my door... #spoiledbrat) and hardly ever get rid of anything. Someone call 'Hoarders'!

April xx


  1. You look beautiful! I need to have a spring clean of my clothes. I'm a bit of a hoarder myself!

    Olivia. xx

  2. amazing look! love the bag!