Friday, 8 February 2013

Favourite Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! Favourite Friday is a new weekly post that I will be... posting (if I have time/remember), simply giving love to three things that I've been digging over the past week!
I would love any suggestions of things that you guys think I should check out (and hopefully love as much as you do), be they for artists, recipes, TV shows, musicians, websites, apps, etc., so be sure to leave me comments below or hit me up on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

{ASOS bejewelled kitty headband}
I purchased the headband to end all headbands about six months ago and STILL haven't deemed any outing worthy of their presence. Soon, my pretty. Soon. (Similar headband available here).

There are so many fantastic, out-of-the-box film and television comedies being produced at the moment. One of my personal favourites is the TV show Workaholics, which has just entered its fourth season and given me many a late night LOL this week. 

{Free People Vintage boots}
It doesn't matter if it's a scorching hot day and you have beads of sweat running down your back (TMI? TMI.), when you clap eyes on an utterly fantastic article of clothing, its seasonal application ceases to be of concern. In conclusion, I bought some boots from Free People Vintage.

April xx

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