Friday, 1 March 2013

Favourite Friday

{Raw, vegan, gluten-free chocolate-covered mint patties}
I'd been wanting to make these babies for a while after stumbling across the recipe over on This Rawsome Vegan Life (which is also where I found the recipe for this). They are delicious and far less guilt-inducing than the real deal - I highly suggest you whip up a batch over the weekend!

{Comedy Bang Bang podcast}
I listen to a lot of podcasts of interviews with actors/directors/screenwriters and this one is my new favourite. Actors and comedians will often do entire shows in character, with hilarious results (I have burst out laughing while listening in public more than once).

{My leopard print raincoat}
Sydney has been rather rainy and miserable over the past few days, so I have been grateful for the protection of my fantastically Fran Fine-esque raincoat. Because life is too short to wear those garbage bag-type ones you get at festivals.

April xx

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