Monday, 23 September 2013

Movie Monday

It's Emmys day, you guys! What better time to give some love to one of my favey shows, The Walking Dead (which was inexplicably snubbed at the Emmys despite brilliant writing, performances, etc.; perhaps they feel that the gore overshadows everything?). Chock full of jump-scares and more tense moments than Breaking Bad, it is an incredible show, which I promptly became addicted to and binge-watched earlier this year. The new season premieres in October - I have the exact date in my iPhone iCal but thanks to the vile, unnecessary changes made by iOS7, searching for it feels like an insurmountable task - and I am so excited that I got tingles and teary eyes just viewing the new season trailer (being an actor means I feel things extra keenly, okay?!).
Watch the trailer for season one below and prepare to be hooked. Or extremely stressed. Probably both.

April xx

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