Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Last week, I booked a job filming in Queenstown, New Zealand! I had roughly 16 hours' warning prior to my flight (most of which were spent sleeping), leaving me little time to research anything but the local weather, so when I stepped off the plane to find myself surrounded by enormous mountains - I always choose the aisle seat - it was a glorious surprise.
I spent the following day filming in a misty forest glade, being drenched with freezing cold water from a rain machine (my hands were so cold that at the end of the shoot, I no longer had the dexterity required to button my jeans!) and flew out the following morning, making it a brief but lovely trip. 
Scroll down to see my photos of the achingly beautiful sights of Queenstown!

#nomakeup and ready to board my early, last-minute flight to New Zealand!

I exited the plane to find that the tiny airport was surrounded by huge, beautiful mountains. The perspective of this photo doesn't do them justice!

The way I dealt with going from Sydney's 26°C/78°F heat...

... to Queenstown's chilly 12°C/53°C!

Dress: Free People |  Handbag: Chanel  |  Boots: Free People |  Watch: Tag Heuer  |  Jacket: H&M

The breathtaking view from my hotel room.

The HUGE (about the size of two of your fingernails!) bees, which were adorably fluffy.

April xx

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