Sunday, 5 October 2014

Dancing With The Stars: week one

I actually cannot believe that we got through the first show. I was so utterly nervous that I was shaking like a leaf; I've no idea how Aric managed to hold onto me! I hope you all tuned in to watch our first dance and if not, you can watch the episode by CLICKING HERE, or the video of our dance below.
Please continue to vote for us (you can vote as many times as you like!) via the details below, as we are working on some amazing routines for the next few shows, but if we are eliminated you will never get to see them!

Please vote for us... As many times as you can!

First fitting for my amazing waltz dress!

Backstage on the morning of the first show... Eek!

Class of 2014!

Spray tanned to the max.

Robbie and I got a bit too bronzed...

There's nothing quite like hanging out in a $4000 dress next to a bag of trash.

Pre-show naps with Matt, Ricki-Lee and Tai

Dress rehearsal... How good was our fog!

Puffy skirt time with my little Torah!

Be sure to tune in to Channel 7 this Tuesday night at 7:30PM to see what we've cooked up for you... It's going to be spicy!

April xx

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