Sunday, 23 November 2014

Marky Knows Best

Dress: CANDELA via Free People  |  Bangles: Lisa Black Jewellery  |  Earrings: Lisa Black Jewellery  |  Sunglasses: Chanel

My girlfriend Emma just launched a super awesome new blog, which is obviously cause for a garden party-type celebration! We got our mormon vibes on in white dresses, learned how to make pretty cocktails and finished the night off with donut burgers (is it crazy that it was the second time I've consumed one of these diabetes-inducing treats? Probably, considering I was nearly sick after the first.)
Peep more photos HERE and Emma's hot new blog HERE.

April xx


  1. Omgosh...this looks so so pretty, and rustic, April! Those donut burgers look so so delicious!!!! ^_^ Your post made me drooling all over! Haha!! And will definitely be checking out Emma's blog! :)

  2. Love this post

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