Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dancing With The Stars: grand finale

So the whirlwind that was Dancing With The Stars has officially come to an end! It's kind of crazy, given that I'd been in talks to do the show since February, planning my year around it and mostly getting very excited about it all!
My time on the show actually turned out to be a little rocky. First of all, I developed sprained ribs from some of the tricks we were working on, forcing us to alter our routines and me to guzzle painkillers (which I normally avoid at all costs!) from week one of the show. Secondly, and without giving too much away, we were actually set to make a return to the show several times over the weeks following our surprise elimination (even going back into secret rehearsals for an entire week), making the whole experience a bit of an emotional roller coaster. 
It was wonderful, however, to travel down to Melbourne one last time to perform at the Starry Starry Night gala ball, catch up with everyone, do one last group dance together and of course, enjoy the big wrap party! Scroll down to see all of my photos from rehearsals and the grand finale, as well as a video of our group opening number to Pitbull's 'Fireball'.
Finally, a huge congratulations to David and Melanie for taking out the mirrorball trophy - they worked so hard and really deserved it!

Sneaking up onto the balcony for a quick pic during grand finale rehearsals

Our last post-spray tan/pre-show day dinner! 

Our finale dresses... No more exciting costumes after these! :-(

Last day in the green room with the gang

Charli XZX was amazing!

David and Melanie taking out the trophy!

Our big group opening number!

April xx

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  1. I didn't knew you are such a wonderful dancer :)
    I used to watch the Greek DWTS last year... great show!