Wednesday, 21 December 2016


SWIMSUIT: Ksubi via General Pants  |  SUNGLASSES: EPOKHE

I don't usually post swimwear-type photos because, 1) scary, 2) I'm not a model anymore, and 3) I'm allergic to chlorine pools and detest beaches with big waves, so I don't actually don swimwear that often. Buttt it's the end of 2016 - a true dumpster fire of a year - plus I've had a stressful few weeks and I think this new swimsuit is cute, all of which = YOLO.
On a less super serial note, all I want from a bathing suit/pair of underpants is a sick high-cut leg (but NOT a super high waist, because contrary to what everyone tells you, this is NOT flattering. When it comes to bikinis, the less fabric, the skinnier you look!) with nineties flavour, because I have a true nineties bod (slim, but not super bony; leggy with a short torso). I assumed that the recent aesthetic revival of the decade would result in an abundance of such styles, but no such luck. If anyone can point me in the right direction, this little piggy would be much obliged!
Okay, back to my panicked, last-minute holiday shopping. I can gift someone a copy of a book I've read if I read it really neatly, right? 

April xx


  1. Cool,

    you look amazing!!!

  2. That look is amazing. So sexy. The back design of this swimsuit is also nice.